Frequently asked questions

What is this application?

The word “MatChat” is a combination of two words: “Match” and “Chat”. The name of the application represents our love for chatting about matches that we like to watch together.

What distinguishes MatChat from other football-related applications?

MatChat is an interactive application that turns your mobile phone into your own virtual football world where you can interact with your friends and other fans across the world while watching a match. You won’t need to type much. The application gives you the freedom to interactively comment on the match using text, voice and picture as you watch. It also offers you additional features. You get to be the referee and take decisions about a foul here or a penalty there. You can also analyze and make plans for your favorite team. You get to do all this as you’re watching the game.

How does the app work?

MatChat is a “We’re all admins” app. It’s a crowdsourcing app run by people’s interactive participation, with no intervention from specific admins. So, the application is run by the users themselves.

What can you do on MatChat?

The user can do the following: - Instantly comment on a match by text. - Add an audio file or a video to comment on the game. - Choose the formation of the teams from lists of players available on the app even before the match begins. - Play the role of the referee by blowing a whistle or calling an offside that wasn’t counted by the match referee on the field. - Give players yellow or red cards when they make mistakes and allow other users to assess their decisions. A user can object to the yellow or red card given by another user. The application automatically counts the users’ cards and other users’ assessments. - Lists of players’ names are available for the users to suggest when a player should replace another player. Other users can assess these suggestions. - Choose the corner at which the user thinks a player will shoot a free ball or a penalty. The application automatically counts the users’ choices. - The application is a platform to follow up the match rather than a broadcaster of the matches through illegal live stream links.

Can users watch a match on MatChat?

The application is a platform to follow up the match rather than a broadcaster of the matches through illegal live stream links.

Who views users’ comments?

Every activity a user does on the app is “public” and can be viewed by other users. Users also have the chance to share their activities and comments on social media platforms to enjoy more interactivity. However, users can choose to keep their activities private.

Can users create private chat rooms with their friends?

Absolutely, yes. In upcoming features users can invite their friends to private chat rooms so they can enjoy privacy as they follow up the match. Users can also participate in public chat rooms.

Is MatChat a free application?

The application will be available for free but in this case will include advertisements. Users can pay a specific amount of money to stop the ads on their devices. Users can also buy special inventive emojis related to their favorite teams to use in their comments as they watch the match.